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Cartoon, Episode Five, Hells Kitchen, the Love Triangle John Pirillo

Cartoon, Episode Five, Hells Kitchen, the Love Triangle

John Pirillo

Published March 10th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Comic books were his life. Give him a Spiderman, X-Men, a Hulk or Thor, or give him a Superman, a Batman, or a Green Arrow. Any. His life was comic books and fantasy.Little did John know that his greatest fantasy, Cartoon, was about to come into his life in a very big way and that he would never look at comic books the same way again.Join John on his adventures as he winds the curvy road of teenagedom through one crazy adventure after another in the world of humanity and the world of Cartoon.In this, the fourth of his adventures, John is beginning to recuperate from the horrible fire he rescued a small girl from and at which point he began exhibiting comic book powers. He has met a beautiful cartoon girl from a pocket universe where everything and anything weve imagined in our world has an existence.She has come from her world to warn John of how he will be the one to save both worlds in the coming battle.John doesnt believe a word of her story until he starts exhibiting powers only a comic book character could have, battling skeleton warriors, zombies and slimy things with no name.The worst of it all is that hes just trying to get a college degree while working part time. And into his life come comic book powers and three young women who all seem to want to him to be the center of their universe.Its a love triangle of the craziest sort and not just because one woman is a cartoon, one woman is a waitress and one woman is a musician with one heck of a temper.No, its because John is not sure how he feels about any of them, and most definitely unsure of whether he wants to become the hero he is always reading about and the one that Cartoon wants him to be.Being a hero isnt all its cut out to be.